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The road Simo-Vardo takes you
from the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Ocean

Simo-Vardø - E-75

Use this map to navigate along the roads from Simo to Vardø


The road Simo-Vardo starts at the small Simo municipality on the south-western border of Finnish Lapland. The road ends at Vardo on the Arctic ocean in Norwegian Lapland. Did you, by the way, know that the E75 starts at the island Crete in Greece?

Read more about Simo and the Simo river

Kemi and Keminmaa

The Gemstone Gallery at Kemi is our next stop. It contains more than 3000 remarkable stones and jewellery from all over the world. They even have the regalia of the first and last king of Finland. Read about the Kemi Gemstone Gallery.

From Kemi and Tornio you can also access the Bay of Bothnia national park which is located in the archipelago outside these two cities.

Read more about Kemi and Keminmaa.

Side trip to Torino and Haparanda

From the E-8/E-75 crossroads at Keminmaa you can go to Tornio and Haparanda on the E-8. See map. The E-8 goes through the Torne river valley through Kilpisjarvi and further on to Tromso in Norway.


At Tervola the old church is an attraction.


is the administrativ centre of Finnish Lapland. Here is the famous museum and science centre called Arktikum and the Rovaniemi Church where Lapp elements are used in Biblical stories in wall paintings and altar piece.

Just about 10 kilometres north of Rovaniemi you will cross the Arctic Circle and see the famous Santa Claus village with the Santa Claus post office and gift shops, to mention some of the features of the village.

At Norvajarvi the Germans have built a large memorial in commemoration of their fallen soldiers during World War II. Se map.

Read more about Rovaniemi.

Side trip to Kittila and Levi

From Rovaniemi you may want to go to Kittila and the large ski resort at Levi on road 79.


At Sodankyla, still on the Simo-Vardo road, there is the Alariesto Gallery containing the works of an extraordinary Lapland artist, Andreas Alariesto. You can also see the aurora borealis at the Aurora House

Side trip to Kittila and Levi

From Sodankyla you may want to go to Kittila and the large ski resort at Levi on road 80. See map.

Side trip from Torvinen to Pyha-Luosto

What about picking your own gem stones? Your own amethyst? If so, take to the right at Torvinen down to the amethyst mine and even the Pyha-Luosto National Park

About 40 km north of Sodankyla we find the Ilmakki-aapa petland protection area with access to a bird watching tower.

Read more about Sodankyla.


Inari is a Sami municipality. A modern Sami museum is situated on the shore of the reknowned Lake Inari.

A visit to the Pielpajarvi wilderness church is worthwhile.

Read more about Inari.

Alternative route to Varanger national tourist road

From Kaamanen you may go on road 971 through Sevettijarvi to Neiden on the Norwegian side. From there just follow the E-6 to Varangerbotn where you get on to the E-75 again. See map.

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Side trip to Karasjok

From Kaamanen you may go on road 92 to Karigasniemi on Finnish-Norwegian border and further up to the Sami capital of the Norwegian Sami people, Karasjok. At Karasjok you also arrive at the big Tana river valley.
At the Kaamasjoki river mouth there is a bird watching tower. See map.


The Simo-Vardo road is a long one. When you reach the Finnish-Norwegian border, you are at Utsjoki with the Lapland bridge and the the Tana river which is the best salmon river in Europe.

Side trip to Karigasniemi

From Utsjoki you can also go by road 970 upstream to Karigasniemi. From there you can even cross the Inarijoki and go to Karasjok. At Karasjok you also arrive at the big Tana river valley.

Alternative route Utsjoki-Tana bru

From Utsjoki you can go by road 970 downstream to Nuorgam and cross the Finnish-Norwegian border past Polmak and meet the E-6/E-75 at Skiippagurra. See map.


After crossing the Lapland bridge, you can proceed on E-75 to the right, or take to the left on the E-6 towards Karasjok.

As you go downstream on E-75 you pass the Sami village of Sirbma.

The center of Tana municipality is Tana bru. See map. Read about Tana municipality.

Side trip from Tana bru to Nordkyn and Lakselv

From Tana bru you can also go 23 km down the Tana valley on the road 98 to Rustefjelbma crossroads. From Rustefjelbma you can go to:
  • Langnes and the Tana river estuary with good fishing places and Tanamunningen nature reserve.
  • Ifjord and Lakselv, still on road 98.
  • From Ifjord crossroads you can even deviate from the rd 98 and go to the Arctic coast on the Nordkyn peninsula on road 888. There you can visit Gamvik with its Slettnes lighthouse and Kjøllefjord with the famous church-like rock Finnkirka. See map.

    The Varanger national tourist road

    The road goes through these municipalities: Nesseby, Vadso, Vardo and Batsfjord.

    Read about the Varanger national tourist road and the Varanger area.

    At the end of the E-75 you go through the underwater tunnel to the island of Vardo where you'll find the Vardohus fortress.

        From Vardø to Hamningberg you drive through a peculiar landscape. Some say it resembles a moon landscape with its rugged cliff formations of all kinds. The trip to Hamningberg along the shores of the Artic Ocean is an exciting  experience.   The village used to be a fishing community.   

    The Simo-Vardo part of the E-75 is only a short section of the whole road, which is more than 4.300 kilometres long, starting in Vardo and ending on the Greek island Crete in the Mediterrian sea.

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