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Visit a Norwegian National Park in Lapland -
Come and Experience the Wilderness and Wildlife

The Norwegian national parks

of Lapland represent different kinds of nature. At the Norwegian national park web site, which is nice, you can read a lot about the parks. But we are sorry to say that they haven't so far made these nice sites available in English. You have to take what you can from the Norwegian language sites. Contact information and maps are things you can use even if the sites are in Norwegian.

The World's Northernmost Pine Forest

Stabbursdalen National Park Is in Norwegian Lapland contains the northern-most pine forest in the world. It is located in Porsanger municipality. This national park contains many of Finnmark`s typical landscape forms with barren mountains, open plateaux and narrow ravines. Today, the area provides summer grazing for the reindeer.

The park centre is situated on the E-6 about 15 km north of Lakselv. The centre has an exhibitin built around the characteristic types of nature in the area:
1. The mountain plataux
2. The river valleys
3. The fjords
4. The coast

On request to the park centre they can arrange guided walks to:
1. Trollholmsund
2. Stabbursdalen nat. park
3. Stabbursnes nature reserve

In addition they can help you with:
4. Bird watching
5. Wild flower walk
6. Longer hikes

In the picture we see the Stabbursdalen National Park Centre in winter.

Read more (in Norwegian) about the Stabbursdalen National Park.

The Easternmost National Park

Varanger Peninsula National Park lies on the Varanger Peninsula in the municipalities Båtsfjord, Nesseby, Vadsø, and Vardø in Finnmark county. The peninsula is the largest area within the Arctic climate zone in mainland Norway. The peninsula still has a complete alpine ecosystem with domesticated reindeer, wolverine and arctic fox. Read more (in Norwegian) about the Varangerhalvøya Nat. Park

Upper Anarjohka National Park

lies in Karasjok and Kautokeino municipalities in Finnmark County. The park was established in 1976. It borders on Lemmenjoki National Park in Finland. Upper Anarjohka is part of the Finnmark plateau (Finnmarksvidda) and includes extensive birch woods, pine barrens, swamps and lakes.

Read more about the Øvre Anarjohka Nat. Park

Upper Pasvik Nat. Park

lies in Sør-Varanger municipality in Finnmark county. The park was opened in 1970. At the same time an adjacent protected area was opened. The national park is part of the Siberian-like taiga.

Three countries meet here: Finland, Norway and Russia. But also three different time zones meet here: Russia to the south with Coordinated Universal Time UTC+3, Finland to the west with UTC+2 and Norway to the north and east uses UTC+1.

Read more about Upper Pasvik Nat. Park

Seiland National Park

lies in the municipalities of Alta, Hammerfest and Kvalsund on the next largest island of Norwegian Lapland. The park has two glaciers, the Seilandsjökelen and the Nordmannsjökelen. (jökel = glacier)

Read more aboutthe Norwegian National Park on Seiland

Where the Reindeer Roam

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