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A variety of Lapland attractions
Are Connected to Nature

Many Activities and Attractions Are Connected to Nature

Many of the main Lapland attractions that you can enjoy here, are connected to nature in some way. Lapland's changing seasons give opportunities for many kinds of activities throughout the year.

If you want the complete list of Lapland sights and attractions right away, please go to the bottom of the page.

Lapland is known for its nature and its wilderness - the mountains and plains, the deep and calm woods, the Arctic Ocean, the rivers and lakes.

Activities-and-attractions01 Salmon fishing But Lapland activities also include city life activities and attractions. We don't have the big cities here, but still you can enjoy city life even here, in cities and towns like Rovaniemi, Kemi, Kemijärvi and Tornio in Finnish Lapland.

In Norwegian Lapland there are cities like Alta, Hammerfest, Vadsø, Vardø and Kirkenes. And in Swedish Lapland you find cities like Kiruna, Lycksele and Arvidsjaur.

Summer and Autumn Activities

In all parts of Lapland you can choose between different activities like
  • fishing
  • trekking
  • canoeing
  • rowing
  • river rafting
  • sea rafting
  • swimming in lakes and rivers
  • bicycling
  • Autumn is a short and hectic season in Lapland. It is the hunting season. And the the bright colours of Lapland forests and fells make it a terrific experience.

    Winter Activities

    dog sled safari

    Popular winter activities in Lapland are for instance
  • downhill skiing
  • cross country skiing
  • snowmobile safaris
  • reindeer safaris
  • dog sled safaris
  • snowboarding is becoming popular also here.

  • The interest is growing because of some excellent slopes.

    And campfires will give you and your family lasting memories from your trip.

    Cross country skiing is nice pastime in Lapland.

    What Nature Has to Give

The Tana river is a popular salmon river To a large extent our attractions and activities are connected with what nature has to give.

    An example of such nature activities are fishing in lakes and rivers and also deep sea fishing in the Arctic Ocean.

    Salmon fishing is a great activity in many of the rivers.

    berry picking at Ranua

    What about berry and mushroom picking?

    The right of public access in all of Lapland gives you the possibility to roam freely and utilize the natural resouces in simple ways, like at Ranua in Finnish Lapland. See photo above from Hillakatu (Cloudberry Street). This is one of the nature activities you can enjoy here. Due to the right of public access, you can freely eat cloudberries as go. But if you want to pick and take them with you, please, check local rules before picking.

    Water Activities

    Lapland is blessed with many rivers and lakes. In addition there is the Arctic Ocean. In addition to fishing, there are many other water activities. Activities connected to different kinds of vessels are popular.

    Let's just mention:
  • sea rafting
  • river rafting
  • canoeing
  • kayaking
  • riverboat cruises
  • fishing
  • Activities and attractions connected to the Lapps

    skolt sami purse
    Many of you come to Lapland because of the Lapps and the Lapp culture. After all, what is Lapland without the Lapp culture? Therefore many of the Lapland attractions and activities are connected to the reindeer, to the traditional Lapp way of life.

    What kind of Lapland sights are you looking for? There should be something for you if you come with your family or if you come alone.
    The picture to the right shows a Skolt Lapp purse. (Photo. Olav E. Johansen)

    Lapland sights

    Lapland sights are scattered over a huge area in three countries. In our section called "Along the roads" you can find info about Lapland attractions. (the link opens in a new window)

    The tourist offices will also help you with your sightseeing in Lapland and help you find the activities and attractions that suit you and your family.

    Need to search the web about Lapland or something else? Do it here! No need to go anywhere else.

    Lapland road churches

    As you go, now and then you'll need a break in the travelling routine. Then the Lapland churches are nice places for rest and also for contemplation. Of course, the churches are also among the Lapland attractions.


    Here you'll find a fairly complete collection of information about activities and attractions in Finnish Lapland, Norwegian Lapland and Swedish Lapland municipalities. You have it here - all in one place.

    Finnish Lapland attractions and activities Activities and attractions
    in Norwegian Lapland
    Activities and attractions
    in Swedish Lapland

    Lapland Blog

    Here you can see at a glance what is new, or what is changed/updated on Lapland Travel Info.
    We hope this is useful for you.

    The Aurora Borealis in Lapland is a beautiful sight and experience in Lapland.

    The Aurora Borealis in Lapland is one of the special light phenomena

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    The ice bathing season at Bugoynes has started

    Ice bathing at Bugoynes has become very popular

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    The Bugoynes village is also called Little Finland

    The Bugoynes village by the Varanger fjord is also called Little Finland, or Pikku Suomi in Finnish

    Continue reading "The Bugoynes village is also called Little Finland"

    The road Alta-Kirkenes

    The road Alta-Kirkenes (E-6) goes along fjords and rivers, and passes mountains before it ends in Kirkenes on the Russian border

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    Tana bru is the centre of the Tana municipality.

    Visit Tana bru which is near one the best salmon fishing places of the whole Tana river.

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    Enjoy your Lapland travel

    Many kids dream of a Lapland travel and visiting Father Christmas, but it is something that many parents now bring into reality. With trips to Lapland

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    Arctic tourism works in a vulnerable nature. Here are some things to think about.

    Arctic tourism needs to take into consideration that Lapland nature can be vulnerable. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has developed ten principles.

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    The North cape is major attraction of Lapland

    The North Cape is probably the most visited attraction of Lapland.

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    Where the Reindeer Roam

    Lapland bears
    Bears at Lycksele Zoo (Photo: Olav E.

    160x600 (width x height)

    One People Living In Four Nations

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