Outdoor Holidays

An outdoor holiday can be anything from a few days spent camping and relaxing to several weeks spent taking part in outdoor activities and sports.

Types of Outdoor Holiday

In the UK, an outdoor holiday typically means staying in something other than a hotel, often a caravan, cabin, tent or bunkhouse. These can vary in their amenities and level of comfort, although in general you can expect them to be less luxurious than the typical hotel room. Glamping (glamorous camping) has become increasingly popular, allowing you to camp but still have accommodation that is above basic, with many of the features of a hotel. If you enjoy glamping hampshire and other more rural areas of the UK have plenty of options.

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And an outdoor holiday usually means taking part in outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountaineering, horse riding, fishing or kayaking. Many youth hostels, outdoor pursuit centres and campsites offer breaks that include accommodation and a range of outdoor activities.

Where To Go

If you don't want to give up too many luxuries while enjoying the outdoors glamping Hampshire is a popular destination, offering both countryside and beautiful coastal scenery. Most outdoor holidays are in rural and often mountainous areas, such as the Scottish Highlands, Snowdonia and the Lake District. The UK boasts over a dozen long distance footpaths or trails, of which the most well known is the Pennine Way. Walking its length takes anything from two weeks and the range of accommodation along the way means you can walk each day and camp or stay in a B & B each night. Of course, outdoor activity holidays aren't limited to the UK; popular are France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain although you can enjoy an outdoor themed holiday just about anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Outdoor Holidays

An outdoor holiday lets you experience the outdoors, but without giving up all of the comforts of home. You can choose from different types of accommodation which can vary in how comfortable they are, and the amenities and features offered. It's no surprise that glamping has become so popular as it allows you to feel as though you are camping and getting away from it all, but in more comfortable surroundings. And the range and frequency of activities varies too, allowing you to choose a holiday based on your overall fitness level and skill. For some people, light walking of a few miles a day may be sufficient, while others are looking for a packed schedule of kayaking, mountaineering and other pursuits. In fact, it's important to choose carefully when looking at outdoor holidays to make sure the activities and the schedule are something you are comfortable with. A holiday outdoors is also the ideal way to try something new, often with like minded people; horse riding, canoeing, walking, and various other themed holidays can all be found that appeal to beginners. And because the accommodation tends to be more basic on many holidays, many participants see it as a good opportunity to go without television, Internet, phone or computer games.